While carrots are our focus and our primary crop, we also supply other vegetables when our clients need them. Our team can source any other produce that our clients require, provided we can source the highest quality products and maintain the quality we are known for.

The other produce we supply includes strawberries, celery, melons, potatoes and pumpkin etc. Just like our carrots, these other vegetables are also grown proudly in Western Australia.

Not many countries are lucky enough to have the clean environments and incredible climate that we enjoy here in Western Australia.

The Australian environment in general is one of the cleanest on the planet, with clean water, pure air and best practice management of safety, fertilising, harvesting and processing.

We take these natural advantages and national standards and combine them with our own experience and knowledge to create systems that enable us to produce and deliver consistently premium produce.

Our highest quality produce meets the highest food safety standards and guarantees that the person eating our produce is guaranteed maximum health benefits and enjoyment.