In 2008, our already progressive packing facility was elevated to state-of-the-art with a major upgrade.

Our capacity to process product was greatly increased to enable us to meet the requirements of our growing client base around the world.

We offer our clients a custom packaging service that allows us to apply your logos and branding to your packaging. This service makes the overall delivery easier and smoother for clients who have a requirement to receive produce that features specific brand requirements.

We produce a variety of different packaging brands for our own produce and that of our clients, and we can do the same for you.

We also offer the option to use our existing brands, Center West Exports, Sun City and Western Sun. Each of these brands offers a variety of packaging size options, including:

  • 10kg carton

  • 15kg carton

  • 20kg carton

  • 500g bag

  • 1k bag

  • 2kg bag

  • 5kg juicing carrots

To make this happen, just speak to our team about your packaging requirements and we can implement them to deliver our products, packaged with the logos and branding you require.