Heritage, experience and superb soils are not benefits you can find everywhere.

Center West Exports and Sun City Farms are led by decades of multi-generational experience growing carrots and produce in this part of the world, preparing it for export around the globe and maintaining premium quality during the transportation process.

The founder of the company, Frank Tedesco, has been in the vegetable industry all his life and has gained an exceptional reputation as a quality grower. Frank now works side by side with his son Francis, Managing Director of Center West Exports and Sun City Farms.

Combined with their passion for perfection, they have made Center West Exports into a major exporting force. The company has, since its inception, been synonymous with premium quality produce.

Growing bigger is not the company’s focus. Instead, what drives this company is providing a cost competitive, quality product for export to a range of global markets.

At present, the company exports to Asia, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Middle East and the Maldives as well as supplying local and Eastern States markets in Australia.